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Established in 2005, a day late and a dollar short :-) lnbkseller.com provides an ideal e-commerce site for authors, publishers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and buyers to trade efficiently and effortlessly. An idea that originally began as a self-help informational site captured the imagination of both the book lover and author alike, lnbkseller.com is now a e-commerce portal site. Our inventory will extend to other forms of media as well. Whether you are a book lover looking for a good read, a bargain hunter or buying products at discount, Lazarus & Nobleman is here to serve you with the best prices & customer service available.

Lnbkseller.com has a mammoth 3.5 million item database and will serve over 4 million customers and business customers, most of whom are and will be loyal and return to us for their next purchase. We are in negotiation to have our own warehouse in Media, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA, spread over 30,000 sq.ft., and run our proprietary software to deliver products to end customers efficiently.

Lnbkseller.com has hundreds of publishers on board and includes the top ten major wholesalers & distributors. The books, gift items, media and electronics are made available through leading e-commerce sales channels, while almost 3,500 and growing affiliate partner sites advertise and affirm their faith in lnbkseller.com 

While Lazarus & Nobleman will be serving customers for years, we will have to expanded our global presence and sever the thought of remaining neutral with the launch of the first international mega marketplace in Europe.


We're booksellers “by postal service ” — which is a raw way to say we are a mail-order company.

Lazarus & Nobleman Bookseller produces a catalog of books, gift items and home/office decor, etc. We started our company in 2005 and mailed 100,000 copies of our first edition. Now, we mail a million plus copies three times per year to avid readers all over the country. We read the books and write the reviews right here — we’re a retailer, not a publisher.

Our selections are eclectic — and rarely do any of them appear on bestseller lists.

Our fiction recommendations — some of them classics you may have missed — are not to be found in racks at the supermarket or airport shop.

Our travel books offer more than lists of hotels and restaurants; they’re the stories of gifted writers.

Our books for children celebrate imagination and humor rather than cautionary tales.

We sort through thousands of new offerings from publishers to find those books that offer some combination of cleverness, wisdom, imagination, and joy.

Our promise is satisfaction. If all of this sounds interesting to you, be sure to request our catalog. And don't forget to view our Academic Best Sellers we have on this site. We think you’ll like what you see!

To learn more about lnbkseller.com, please contact us at :

Lazarus & Nobleman Bookseller
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